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Lonardi, María del Rosario; Silvoso, María Celeste; Graff, Pamela
Assessing nutrient enrichment and grazing rest effects on grass establishment: implications for exotic and native species
Plant Ecology
Cagnola, Juan I.; D'Andrea, Karina E.; Rotili, Diego H.; Mercau, Jorge L.; Ploschuk, Edmundo L.; Maddonni, Gustavo A.; Otegui, María E.; Casal, Jorge J.
Eco-physiology of maize crops under combined stresses
Plant Journal
Martins, Tamires S.; Da-Silva, Cristiane J.; Shabala, Sergey; Striker, Gustavo G.; Carvalho, Ivan R.; de Oliveira, Ana Claudia B.; do Amarante, Luciano
Understanding plant responses to saline waterlogging: insights from halophytes and implications for crop tolerance
Planta, 259
Echeverry Holguín, Juliana; Crepy, María; Striker, Gustavo G.; Mollard, Federico P.O.
Boosting underwater germination in Echinochloa colona seeds: the impact of high amplitude alternating temperatures and potassium nitrate osmopriming
Functional plant biology : FPB, 51; NULL
Smith, Melinda D.; Wilkins, Kate D.; Holdrege, Martin C.; Wilfahrt, Peter; Collins, Scott L.; Knapp, Alan K.; Sala, Osvaldo E.; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Phillips, Richard P.; Yahdjian, Laura; Gherardi, Laureano A.; Ohlert, Timothy; Beier, Claus; Fraser, Lauchlan H.; Jentsch, Anke; Loik, Michael E.; Maestre, Fernando T.; Power, Sally A.; Yu, Qiang; Felton, Andrew J.; Munson, Seth M.; Luo, Yiqi; Abdoli, Hamed; Abedi, Mehdi; Alados, Concepción L.; Alberti, Juan; Alon, Moshe; An, Hui; Anacker, Brian; Anderson, Maggie; Auge, Harald; Bachle, Seton; Bahalkeh, Khadijeh; Bahn, Michael; Batbaatar, Amgaa; Bauerle, Taryn; Beard, Karen H.; Behn, Kai; Beil, Ilka; Biancari, Lucio; Blindow, Irmgard; Bondaruk, Viviana Florencia; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Bork, Edward W.; Bruschetti, Carlos Martin; Byrne, Kerry M.; Cahill, James F.; Calvo, Dianela A.; Carbognani, Michele; Cardoni, Augusto; Carlyle, Cameron N.; Castillo-Garcia, Miguel; Chang, Scott X.; Chieppa, Jeff; Cianciaruso, Marcus V.; Cohen, Ofer; Cordeiro, Amanda L.; Cusack, Daniela F.; Dahlke, Sven; Daleo, Pedro; D'Antonio, Carla M.; Dietterich, Lee H.; Doherty, Tim S.; Dubbert, Maren; Ebeling, Anne; Eisenhauer, Nico; Fischer, Felícia M.; Forte, Tai G.W.; Gebauer, Tobias; Gozalo, Beatriz; Greenville, Aaron C.; Guidoni-Martins, Karlo G.; Hannusch, Heather J.; Haugum, Siri Vatsø; Hautier, Yann; Hefting, Mariet; Henry, Hugh A.L.; Hoss, Daniela; Iribarne, Oscar; Isbell, Forest; Johnson, Yari; Jordan, Samuel; Kelly, Eugene F.; Kimmel, Kaitlin; Kreyling, Juergen; Kröel-Dulay, György; Ingrisch, Johannes; Kröpfl, Alicia; Kübert, Angelika; Kulmatiski, Andrew; Lamb, Eric G.; Larsen, Klaus Steenberg; Larson, Julie; Leder, Cintia V.; Linstädter, Anja; Liu, Jielin; Liu, Shirong; Lodge, Alexandra G.; Longo, Grisel; Loydi, Alejandro
Extreme drought impacts have been underestimated in grasslands and shrublands globally
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 121
Matsusaka, Daniel; Sanchez, Diego H.; Botto, Javier F.
The genetic architecture of flowering in the Arabidopsis accession colonising southern Patagonia
Physiologia Plantarum, 176
Moreno García, Cristian Anibal; Perelman, Susana Beatríz; Dynes, Robyn; Maxwell, Thomas M.R.; Zhou, Huitong; Hickford, Jonathan
Key Grazing Behaviours of Beef Cattle Identify Specific Genotypes of the Glutamate Metabotropic Receptor 5 Gene (GRM5)
Behavior Genetics
Oreja, Fernando H.; Moreno, Natalia; Gundel, Pedro E.; Vercellino, Roman B.; Pandolfo, Claudio E.; Presotto, Alejandro; Perotti, Valeria; Permingeat, Hugo; Tuesca, Daniel; Scursoni, Julio A.; Dellaferrera, Ignacio; Cortes, Eduardo; Yanniccari, Marcos; Vila-Aiub, Martin
Herbicide-resistant weeds from dryland agriculture in Argentina
Weed Research
Paruelo, José M.; Texeira, Marcos; Tomasel, Fernando
Hybrid modeling for grassland productivity prediction: A parametric and machine learning technique for grazing management with applicability to digital twin decision systems
Agricultural Systems, 214
Tognacca, Rocío Soledad; Ljung, Karin; Botto, Javier Francisco
Unveiling Molecular Signatures in Light-Induced Seed Germination: Insights from PIN3, PIN7, and AUX1 in Arabidopsis thaliana
Plants, 13
Mastrangelo, Matías E.; Villarino, Sebastián H.; Sirimarco, M. Ximena; Aguiar, Sebastián; Baldi, Germán; Enrico, Lucas; Huaranca, Laura; Vallejos, María
Moving from ecological impacts to social vulnerability in data-scarce places
Journal of Environmental Management, 354
Garau, Enrica; Requena-Mullor, Juan M.; Quintas-Soriano, Cristina; López-Rodríguez, María D.; Otamendi-Urroz, Irene; Oyarzabal, Mariano; Castro, Antonio J.
A methodological approach for integrating human emotions in protected areas management: Insights from SE Spain
Landscape and Urban Planning, 244
Abdala, Lucas J.; Alvarez Prado, Santiago; Donadio, Pablo; Borrás, Lucas
Maize yield and dry milling grain quality trade-offs in Argentinean flint germplasm
Crop Science
Rivelli, Gonzalo Martín; Calderini, Daniel Fernando; Abeledo, Leonor Gabriela; Miralles, Daniel Julio; Rondanini, Deborah Paola
Yield and quality traits of wheat and rapeseed in response to source-sink ratio and heat stress in post-flowering
European Journal of Agronomy, 152
Ueno, Andrea C.; Vila-Aiub, Martin M.; Gundel, Pedro E.
Intergenerational consequences of an auxin-like herbicide on plant sensitivity to a graminicide mediated by a fungal endophyte
Science of the Total Environment, 910
D'Acunto, Luciana; Iglesias, María Agustina; Poggio, Santiago L.; Semmartin, María
Land cover, plant residue and soil microbes as drivers of soil functioning in temperate agricultural lands. A microcosm study
Applied Soil Ecology, 193
Petigrosso, Lucas R.; Vignolio, Osvaldo R.; Gundel, Pedro E.; Monterubbianesi, María G.; Assuero, Silvia G.
Performance of young endophyte-free and endophyte-infected tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) plants under partial and total submergence
Crop and Pasture Science
Menendez, Analia I.; Fernandez, Sofia L.; Ghersa, Claudio M.
Patchiness caused by aphid herbivory and ozone events affects aphid's spread
Austral Ecology, 49; e13380
López-Mársico, Luis; Oyarzabal, Mariano; Altesor, Alice; Paruelo, José M.
Grazing exclusion reduces below-ground biomass of temperate subhumid grasslands of South America: A meta-analysis and a database
Austral Ecology, 49; e13304
Viglizzo, Ernesto F.; Bert, Federico E.; Taboada, Miguel Angel; Alves, Bruno José Rodrígues
Editorial: Finding paths to net-zero carbon in climate-smart food systems
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 7